Friday, June 14, 2013

Inspiration for Life - English Gardens

I love to garden.  I'm not very good at it, my plants occasionally die, my fruit and veggies don't get that big, and my flowers seem to have a tendency to get unwieldy.  But that doesn't stop me from trying (usually).

One day, I dream to have a big, beautiful, lush garden.  Although, living in the south, I'm not entirely sure that our weather is conducive to that.  Maybe a big, beautiful, lush, SHADY garden is what I'll have to work towards.

And you know what inspires me the most when it comes to gardens? English gardens.  They're amazing.  I've been to England several times now and I love going through small towns and peeking through garden gates to see what treasures are behind them.  And no, I'm not trying to be creepy, I just have a love affair with English gardens.

The colors, the variety, the fact that they don't have to be 100% perfect just appeals to me so much. Which of these do you love the most?  I just can't decide!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Inspired Design

I have officially dipped my toe into the world of video making.  As you may know, all of our soaps have a story.  And I am long winded.  I can fit WAY more words into a video than any description online, and I can say it quicker than a blog post.  So I present to you my first video!  Very fitting since it was the first fragrance I ever worked with!