Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lift Off!!!!

I am so excited to finally announce the launch of our From Scratch line.  These are made using the traditional cold process method using oils, water, and lye.  Yes, I said lye.  It's what makes oil turn into soap during the saponification process.  Which really translates to is "to make soap".   And I promise, there isn't any left once they have finished mixing and curing.   Just lovely soap that will have your body feel super clean and lovely.

I've also used some other fun ingredients that I hope you love, like coffee, oatmeal, aloe juice, beer and wine.  Yes, real beer and wine!!! It creates amazing bubbles because of the sugars.  And wait until you smell them.  To start, we have things like Mocha, Honey Ale, Champagne, Cocoa, and more.  We'll have more coming out as the weeks go since our soaps need 4-6 weeks cure to make them as gentle as possible.  Once you try handmade soap, you'll never go back.  Make sure you check out our whole line at  Also, because of this new launch which has been 9+ months in the making, we are celebrating with a giveaway on our Facebook page.  Make sure you go over and click on the Giveaway tab for a chance to win a 3-pack of our new soaps!

Happy cleaning!!!