Friday, September 6, 2013

Revamped Beach Glass Soap

Have you ever seen my Beach Glass Soap? If not, you're in for a treat.

Gorgeous, right? Well, I think so. I grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan and loved looking for beach glass as a kid. We have little bowls throughout the house with it to decorate. There was actually an interesting article recently on Hurrican Sandy and beach glass, here.

I've always loved beach glass. The colors, that it's a little rare to come by, and that you find it at the beach. Which is where this one was inspired. Plus, we used the same fragrance as our Sunrise on the Sand soap, and it smells just like the beach! A little salt air, a little suntan lotion, a little sand, completely amazing.

Recently, I switched colorants. Not because I didn't like them, but I've been working with micas more. I love how they look, how they shimmer, how easy they are to use and the colors I've been getting. So while this may be a little more muted than the old version, I think it is just as beautiful and love how they turned out. Make sure you check out our Beach Glass Soap in our Etsy shop.

Do you have anything from the beach that love? Have you ever found beach glass? What did you do with it?

Stay inspired!

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  1. I always love beach glass. They’ve great for making beautiful jewelries. They look great by just simply placing them in jars too.